Nekomata Yokai and Aliens!

So to continue on with the yokai exploration today I am sharing the mystical Nekomata.  He’s a mischievous humanistic cat that tends to start mysterious fires and brings trouble to those other comes in contact with. 

To give a little bonus alien fun today I figured this Alien author should every once in a while do a pic that should brighten your day.  So I will see you on the next page and just remember….

Spring Creature 4

Today’s garden variety friend is this cute little lady bug.  He loves his look but is quite shy around strangers.  He loves the new sprouts though as he images the beautiful things they will grow up to be.  Beauty comes in all shapes and forms so whose to say he can’t be proud to be beautiful if he wants to be?  See you on the next page my beautiful friends…

March of the Robots D04

So after seeing all of those astromechs being done for March of the Robots it got me thinking about prototypes and subsequent mech designs.  It had me looking at the bots from Meteors n Milk even more and I imagined what if the flying minion long arm bots were actually evolutions of the astromechs or at least emerged as parallel droids.  So today is a concept of what one of those bots would look like in early developmemt. See you on the next page…. beep boop beep

March of the Robots D03

Day 03 of March of the Robots is here and today I wanted to do something sorta fun for the Meteors n Milk fans.  Today’s robot buddy is a concept for a little kid version of a brain cloud bot we see briefly in Meteors n Milk.  This newly nicknamed “Popcorn Head” is often lost contemplating it’s own existence and wondering if it will grow up to be a big and strong tough robot like the others.  Have a great day everyone and I will see you on the next page…