Nekomata Yokai and Aliens!

So to continue on with the yokai exploration today I am sharing the mystical Nekomata.  He’s a mischievous humanistic cat that tends to start mysterious fires and brings trouble to those other comes in contact with. 

To give a little bonus alien fun today I figured this Alien author should every once in a while do a pic that should brighten your day.  So I will see you on the next page and just remember….

Issue 3 gaining steam


I am hitting chapter 3 full steam and it is only getting better from here.  We are also closing in on Hub City Comic Con so expect to see the road to Hub City,  more behind the scenes, more art, and a new project is headed this way as well with more on that soon.  Don’t forget to order Book 1 today while you still can.  Have a great day friends and fans!

Book 1 – Order Now!


Book 1 is now available for Pre-Order!  All you need to do is order it by clicking
This book is 60 pages and collects issue 1 & 2!  For those of you whom have issue 1, it has been remastered with updated text, images, and new pages.  Order a copy of this limited run today!  Below is a sneak peek from the chapter 2 portion….


The level of artwork was kicked up a notch if you could tell. 🙂

Product Card Preview


Today I thought I would look to share a little preview of the sign display I am working on.  This is a big hint towards something I will be announcing very soon. There are a lot of things in the works right now that I cant wait to share but till then keep posted by following me here.  Preorder is still available but once it is out for sale the offers will no longer be availiable so if you want the free sketch and bonus prints order now. Thats all for now friends and fans.  Remember that no matter how dark it gets they cant take away the stars! 

Issue 2 – Good news and bad


Okay so here is the low down on issue 2 that is more important than any post thus far.  FIRST it is nearly complete.  I am in final edits and  adding the fan art as it comes in but we are nearly there.  SECOND it looks like the 1 plus 2 combo book will be a total of 60 pages! THIRD is those books will be printed soon enough and we be availiable faster than you think FOURTH comes the bad news. If you dont preorder issue 2 throught the gofundme I am not going to have them printed for in hand quantities.  I may still have them availiable through Amazon and Barnes and Noble but for much higher cost. So if you want to own issue 2 act now!  This goes for Hub City Con included.  If there isnt preorders for two I will only carry the 1 plus 2 combo book instead.  It is up to you.  The combo book is all the nice updates to issue 1 you see from the download version plus issue 2 in all its awesomenes with more guest artists and loads of talent.  I will only print a low run this time for the combo books as i am moving into wholesale deals. So preorder today to ensure you get a copy of the low numbered run that I personally get to you signed instead of paying more somewhere else.  If you dont want to mess with gofundme you can also donate to my paypal under You can also email me at that address or if you would like to make other arrangements.   Tha k you for your support and helping the MnM Universe grow.

Roswell Technical Difficulties

So normally, as my returning fans will know, by now you would be expecting a gallery of images reporting on the festival as well as Meteors ‘ n Milk.  Sadly due to hardware issues (my phone screen has decided to not wake up) I will have to postpone the report and do one large post upon my return to home base. Crossing fingers I can recover all the original photos. Till then here is a light up owl for some morning wisdom.