Selfies of characters of your choosing up to 3!

Do you wan to see your favorite characters done in a selfie style pose. You pick the characters and I will do the rest. Each order comes with a signed 5x7 print shipped to you! What will you choose?






Commission Work

Starting at $15 I will create a digital image for you of your choosing! Any character welcome! Payment must be PAID IN FULL at time of order through Paypal. Adjust price according to your specific order using the quantity as the dollar amount. For example $1 x 15 quantity = $15. Any questions, quotes, or invoices can be directed to . Once ordered I will begin work as soon as possible.* Upon completion you will receive the ordered image both in a png format as well as a layered file if you so choose. I aim to create a work of art you can be proud of! *Work will begin almost immediately but may be delayed based on position of que in which you will be notified immediately of position.





Meteors ‘n Milk – Book 1

If you are new to Meteors ‘n Milk this is where you will want to start as you dive into almost 60 pages of adventure! Collecting Chapters 0-2 (formerly Issues 1 & 2 ) in an affordable black and white version with edited type face and a cleaner graphic novel appearance. All books come signed. Price includes shipping for domestic sales.




This book collects the various works created 2017. The works include Meteors 'n Milk Chapter 3 (issue 3), Creatively Cretaceous, Suicide Sam shorts and intro pages of issue 2, plus extras from March of Robots. All books are signed. Cost of shipping is included in the total for domestic orders.



Advent of the Archetypes

This wonderland style story introduces the reader to classic characters page after page. From Peter Pan to Sherlock Holmes to Mr. Toad and the Little Mermaid this book serves to heighten the interest of a young reader. Each page also has a wikipedia style excerpt that gives you facts about the classic tale behind the character. Like a game of hot potato you are taken from one character to the next. Who’s your favorite classic character? All books come signed! Price includes shipping for domestic buyers.



MOOving the Pencil : 1-Point Perspective

Learn the drawing basics of 1-point perspective in this standard sized comic featuring your favorite Meteors ‘n Milk Characters. Comic comes signed. Price includes shipping for domestic buyers.